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Digital Content Creation

Content Creation

The objective of any brand is to create a long lasting relationship with people and a way to achieve it is through the content production for social networks. There are certain characteristics you should consider when creating content for the social networks. We believe that products and services offered by companies can improve people’s quality of life.
The last can be achieved through a correct use of the social networks and the adequate management of marketing campaigns.
Every platform of the social networks, is different and for this is neccesary to know the functionalities and capacities that each of them offers, in order to use its tools for a correct exhibit of the created digital content.

An adequate selection of a social network could be a big differentiator on the service or product promotion. At REDCEM we are specialists on social networks, we know in detail the options and functionalities that every platform offers. This allows us to manage publicity campaigns and give our customers the neccesary recomendations for their content to comply with the platform requirements and be able to exhibit them correctly in the times of largest audience.
Once the marketing strategy is defined, we can choose the ideal audience based on their preferences, demographic data, interests and previous choices of the social network user.
The analisis of the results and information obtained from the platform, will be measured through KPI’ s defining, better known as Key Indicators. We use these metrics to know the efforts performance and evolve with the strategy necessities.
In addition, this information will allow us to make the recomendations for the content creation, posting periodicity and greater reaching products/services.


We create images and photographies according to every customer’s needs. Product pictures, catalogs, web content, etc.


We develop specialized social network commercial videos for products and services exhibit.

Text Articles

We create text content for blog posting, digital magazines and web pages. Through this means we achieve a content approach and explanation to the final customers.

Giveaways - Promotions

We create dynamics for potential customers and emergent brands to interact. This will help the customer to achieve a better organic penetration with his audience.